Gray Simulator

Gray Simulator is OPC Server that can be usefull in OPC Clients debugging. Gray Simulator provides a set of various OPC tags: harmonic waves; triangle waves; square waves; ramps; random numbers and logical variables; random strings; random dates;

Gray Icon Collection

Gray icon collection by Nika is a new collection of high quality icons for your blogs, websites and applications. It includes such popular icons as desktop icons, hardware icons, e-mail icons, arrows icons, numbers icons, music icons and other. This icon


OX PDF to Png Gray Converter  v.

The accurate PDF to PNG Gray Converter is an excellent PDF to PngGray converter which can assist you conveniently to convert PDF to Pnggray files. PDF to Png grey free allows you to load pdf file or pdf folder. Moreover,

Easy Game Gray World  v.3.5

Direct a little man through a labyrinth in this grayscale arcade game, but it's not so easy as it sounds. Many obstacles await. Features of game: Shades of gray colors create sensation of despair and hopelessness.

Gray Apple Desktop Theme  v.1.0

Gray Apple Desktop Theme is a desktop theme including wallpapers and screensavers.

Gray's Anatomy Premium Edition  v.1.3

***70% OFF SALE***'Gray's Anatomy', the renowned classic anatomical book by Henry Gray was first published in 1858 and is considered by many to be one of the most iconic and significant medical books of all time.

A Gray World  v.

take a bw old style

The Picture of Dorian Gray  v.

This is the only published novel by Oscar Wilde. The novel tells of a young man, Dorian, the subject of a painting by an artist, Basil. The artist is impressed by the young man’s beauty and becomes infatuated with him,

Shades of Gray  v.0.5

A continuously-evolving population/intelligent AI/environment/evolution simulator.

Black and Gray Contact Form  v.1

Support XML,PHP Form with Tooltip, Scrollbar Easy to modify contents and design You can add your own images Heavily Documented and code commented.

Gray League  v.1.4

Welcome to Grey League. The world after a nuclear war is cruel, and there is no room for the weak. The new Heads of States are tyrants, and any disobedience means certain death. But you are not one of those who are afraid of political retribution. Yo

A-PDF to Black/White

A-PDF To Black/White provides a quick way to convert the images to monochrome or grayscale in Acrobat PDF documents directly. It detects color images and make them to bw or gray automatically, then reduces your PDF files size. A-PDF to Black/White's

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